Due to weather conditions, Airparif announces an episode of fine particle pollution this Saturday March 26, 2022 in Île-de-France, which requires the implementation of differentiated traffic in Paris and the reduction of the maximum authorized speed. These measures are extended this Monday, March 28, 2022.

Since this Friday, March 25, Ile-de-France has experienced an episode of  persistent pollution with fine particles . From  Saturday March 26 to Monday March 28 , the Prefecture of Police decided to put in place restrictive measures to reduce pollutant emissions into the atmosphere. Thus, traffic will be restricted with the implementation of differentiated traffic and the reduction of the maximum authorized speed.

Airparif , an association for monitoring air quality in Île-de-France, forecasts a high concentration of PM10 particles for the third day in a row. The pleasant temperatures of the past few days due to anticyclonic conditions are unfavorable to the dispersion of pollutants, induced by wood heating, road traffic and agriculture. 

To alleviate this episode of pollution, the Prefect of Police has set up differentiated traffic  within the perimeter delimited by the A86. Only  vehicles with a  class 0, 1 and 2 Crit’Air sticker will be authorized to circulate . Other vehicles will not be able to move. In addition, the maximum authorized speed is reduced by 20 km / h this Saturday, on all the roads of the Ile-de-France network.

It is recommended to limit your car trips, to favor teleworking and to use public transport . For the occasion,  Île-de-France Mobilités is setting up the daily anti-pollution flat rate of €3.80 , to use all public transport in the region.

The Prefecture of Police also prohibits  the use of individual heating with auxiliary or amenity wood , as well as  exemptions from burning green waste in the open air . The  Ministry of Health  recommends that vulnerable people favor short outings and avoid areas with heavy road traffic, but also to reduce intense physical activities for the rest of the population.

Pic de pollution : circulation différenciée, vitesse réduite et transport illimité prolongés ce lundi – Sortiraparis.com

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