Air Quality Levels – UK

To view data about current air quality levels in the UK, use the following links:


For a daily UK  wide air quality index:

Defra and the Met Office have teamed up #UKair

Defra – Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs

You can view the data for the latest levels and the latest 24 hour summary from all of the monitoring sites within the AURN below. Graphs are also available to view time series data. You can also subscribe to this information as an email alert.

There’s also an air pollution hotline: 0800 55 66 77 Get a free Air Quality report for your address. Postcode search.

APIS – Air Pollution Information System, Provides pollution impact records (post code search).

AQE – Air Quality England

Clean Air in Cities smartphone app

Dundee Satellite Receiving Station, Dundee University, UK

NOOA Satellite and Information Service


Clean Air in London 
with their excellent smartphone app Clean Air in Cities

This clean air campaign offers map search, local information, 
as well as research and information about annual limits 
and annual maps.

City Air app is a map tool to plan your journey across London 
avoiding pollution

London Air - Environmental Research Group King's College London

How polluted is my road / school:

Air pollution aware walking routes in West London

This website offers map search, smartphone apps, 
local information, as well as research and information 
about annual limits and annual maps.

For London air quality, UV, Pollen forecast see Air Text, 
using data from Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants CERC.

The capital’s official ‘Cleaner Air’ website

NO2 and PM10 in London

London Low Emission London construction sector air quality site

Air Quality in Cornwall

Bodmin Air Quality

airAlert for Sevenoaks

Sevenoaks District Council

Local air quality index, provided in partnership with 
King's College London.

Sussex Air
Air Alert

Scottish Air Quality
on behalf of the Welsh Government 
and the Welsh Air Quality Forum WAQF
Air Quality in Wales
People can register on the website to get free text and email alerts if air pollution rises.
Northern Ireland
Information and data on air pollution in Northern Ireland and 
related air quality issues
Air Quality in Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Air

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