Gallery of Strange Masks

Masks from this world and the next

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World War 2: Three air raid wardens wearing a new type of gas mask, designed for the elderly and those with chest complaints, during a mock gas attack in which tear gas was released in Esher High Street. April 5, 1941. Photo: Hudson/Topical Press Agency/Getty Images

Biker Girl with leather facemask

Nun with Gasmask, WWII

Horse and Policeman, WWII

Housewifes, London, World War II

The Federation of Book Sellers, Lancashire, England, World War I

‘Saving the baby ‘ M. Jean, of Paris, observed that ordinary gas masks had the effect of strangling babies and small children. So he proposes to sew them up in an old cow’s hide on the principle shown above. Father stands by — if still alive — and pumps fresh air into the skin.The above photograph, is from Poison Gas (London: Union of Democratic Control, 1935).

World War 2: A member of the new 1,000 strong motor cycle despatch corps of the London Auxiliary Fire Service, formed from the AFS messenger boys, during training. June 30, 1940

MUZZLED FOR WAR. — These masks will be no more effective for animals than they are for human beings. And no government has yet suggested any scheme for training animals to use gas masks.

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