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New analysis reveals global distribution of toxic pollution and climate change: And provides top-ten list of countries at highest risk — and likely most equipped to immediately begin pollution risk reduction

A new analysis of global datasets shows low-income countries are significantly more likely to be impacted by both toxic pollution and climate change — and provides a list of at-risk countries most (and least) able to immediately begin direct efforts … Continue reading

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Macon’s air pollution surge caused by African desert

Georgia’s environmental regulators say a burst of air pollution found in Macon this summer came straight from Africa. Unusual weather patterns forced a concentration of dust from the Sahara Desert into parts of Georgia, they say. The Georgia Environmental Protection … Continue reading

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Georgia establishes new system to measure air pollution

To protect and maintain fresh air in the country, Georgia’s Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection has installed a special automatic monitoring system to measure pollution levels in the country. Specifically, the new monitoring system measured radioactive aerosols in … Continue reading

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