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Forest fires cause pollution worse than that in toxic cities, says NRSC study

NRSC found that such high-magnitude events had the potential to destroy a wide variety of flora and fauna as the levels of pollution become higher than those in some highly polluted cities.   As massive fires engulfed forests in Uttarakhand last … Continue reading

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More Than 12 Million Americans Are Threatened by Toxic Air Pollution From Oil and Gas Industry: Here’s an Interactive Map 

Two leading national environmental groups—Clean Air Task Force (CATF) and Earthworks—unveiled a suite of tools Wednesday designed to inform and mobilize Americans about the health risks from toxic air pollution from the oil and gas industry. For the first time, Americans … Continue reading

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Scientists flight plan to measure UK air pollution

SCIENTISTS are taking to the skies to measure the amount of greenhouse gas emitted in the UK. • Edinburgh University researchers to lead manned aircraft mission to measure air pollution levels • Four-ear-project will track greenhouse gases against 80 per … Continue reading

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Fracking’s Methane Trail: A Detective Story

We don’t really know how much air pollution is created when companies drill for natural gas but we do know it has to be given serious consideration. Read the article below if you are in any doubt. Frackings Methane Trail: … Continue reading

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