Bangkok: BMTA told to maintain clean buses

City transit agency found negligent, responsible for air pollution in Bangkok

The Bangkok Mass Transit Authority must ensure its 14,000 public buses are properly maintained and don’t release harmful black smoke and cause pollution, according to a recommended ruling by a Supreme Administrative Court judge responsible for a case filed by an environmental activist 10 years ago.

If the senior judge’s recommendation is followed, it will create a new standard in the fight against polluting buses – and air pollution.

Judge Sumet Roygulchareon said he had studied the case and found the BMTA was negligent in failing to reduce the harmful black fumes released from its public buses.

This was a cause of serious air pollution in the capital. According to the 1979 Land Transportation Act, the BMTA must take responsibility to control emission released by public buses, he noted.

via BMTA told to maintain clean buses – The Nation.

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