Londoners measure personal air pollution exposure

A pilot King’s College study which saw volunteers in London wear personal air quality monitors for a day found clear peaks and troughs in particulate matter exposure on the commute to and from work or school, writes Michael Holder

The results of a pilot study which saw London volunteers wear air quality monitors for the day to measure personal exposure to pollution were presented by King’s College researchers.

The study showed clear peaks in exposure to particulate matter (PM) at times in the day when volunteers were travelling to and from work or school, and also during trips out of premises during lunch breaks.

The study involved several volunteers of various ages and occupations in London wearing personal air quality monitors during an average weekday in November. They were monitored from around 8am until 2am in order to measure various peaks and troughs in their exposure to particulate matter.

Continue reading: Londoners measure personal air pollution exposure | AirQualityNews.

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