How To Handle Chengdu’s Pollution Like a Pro

Right now it seems like everyone in China, even Xinhua, is talking about the pollution. Beijing pollution has reached record highs in previous days, a staggering 900 micrograms of particulate matter per square meter. And not just any particulate matter, this is specifically referring to the most hazardous kind, measuring less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter.

Fortunately for us, the pollution isn’t quite as severe in Chengdu, but we’ve been breaking our own records recently.

The pollution index has gone over 400 this week, which is a rare and unfortunate event for the city. Along with the increased pollution, the subject of air quality has become a topic of discussion in Chengdu like I’ve never seen before. With 14 million residents in the city, few foreigners have the illusion that Chengdu isn’t polluted, but the situation has escalated to perturb even the most laid-back locals.

On the Chengdu Forum, discussion of air quality has become a recurring theme among concerned residents.The truth is that we’re all looking for ways to cope with the side-effects of Chengdu’s development. With that pursuit in mind, here are five tips on dealing with pollution in the Sichuan capital city. We need them now more than ever before.

How To Handle Chengdu’s Pollution Like a Pro – Chengdu Living.

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