Respro® Masks FAQ: Are children’s masks availiable?


Respro® Allergy™ Mask, Image: Respro® UK

Our concern in providing masks for children is that the size variation in children is so wide, that a ‘childs’ mask will not fit the range of sizes that children come in.

A 3-year-old will not require the same mask sizes as a 7 -to 10-year-old. We do not recommend the use of face masks for children younger than 11 years, but to seek alternative ‘common sense’ precautions ie hood on push chairs, keep away from large congested or dense traffic environments; if you cannot, then place something in front of their faces more like a guard to prevent air/wind/ polluted air from direct contact.  Children’s breathing rates are considerably lower that that of a walking adult so they should not be in too much danger. Generally common sense practice where at all possible should be considered. If a child has a particular respiratory issue then medical advice should be considered first and foremost.

The small Respro® Allergy mask is the smallest size available and useable by very small adults and older children above the age of 10 years.

Respro® mask size guide.

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