Groups join forces to tackle high levels of air pollution in Battersea

Amenity groups have joined forces to tackle the high levels of air pollution in Battersea.

The Battersea Society and the London Sustainability Exchange conducted a study to measure air quality in Clapham Junction, Nine Elms Lane and Battersea Park Road.

They found particulate matter (PM10), the most dangerous type of urban pollution according to experts at King’s College, was five times above the European Union limit.

The EU rules PM10 levels must be under 50 µg/m3 concentration in a 24 hour time period.

Results taken from five roads in the suburb found levels ranging from 90µg/m3 to 135µg/m3.

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentrations were found to be more than double the legal limit, which is 40 µg/m3 concentration in a 24 hour time period.

The study, which involved volunteers using diffusion tubes and ghost wipes, also found dangerous levels of lead and cadmium.

Medical experts claim people are dying prematurely because of asthma, heart disease and other respiratory conditions linked to air pollution.

In Wandsworth last year 113 people died of diseases related to air quality.

Harvey Heath, of the Battersea Society, said: “From looking at our lichen study it is pretty clear some parts of Battersea have poor air quality, and it would be great if we could encourage everybody to help us use lichens to map air quality in the whole of Battersea.”

A public meeting took place on Saturday at The Duke of Cambridge, Battersea Bridge Road, with members of Wandsworth Living Streets and Wandsworth Environment Forum attending.

Participants plan to organise a future meeting with the director of public health to set up polluton alerts, conduct more testing and form an action plan.

Wandsworth Council is working to lower the levels of air pollution in the area, with a cleaner bus fleet and encourage people to take other forms of transport.

Councillor Jonathan Cook, council environment spokesman, said: “The council monitors pollution across the borough and has a far reaching air quality action plan to reduce emissions and raise awareness of this important issue.

“We’re very pleased to see the Battersea Society and other community organisations are taking a closer interest in pollution and are developing local initiatives that can help us tackle the underlying causes. We can all play a role in improving London’s air quality.”

Another workshop is scheduled to take place on March 1.

Road                                       N02                 PM10

148 Falcon road, London   181.7312           135

Nine Elms Lane                     54.3571           119.4

101 Battersea park road        54.3571           118.2

220 Battersea Park Road       73.8283            98

Westbridge Road                       38.1311            90

via Groups join forces to tackle high levels of air pollution in Battersea (From Wandsworth Guardian).

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