Dungiven air pollution now proven

Limavady Council has proven conclusively what most locals have long suspected, that the traffic in Dungiven is causing unsafe levels of pollution.

Locals have long called for a bypass around Dungiven to alleviate pollution problems coming from the high volume of traffic passing through.

Now, after years of taking measurements at various points in Dungiven at different times of the day, the local council’s environmental health department has shown that the levels of dangerous pollutants in Dungiven have been above ‘acceptable levels’ for years. Their work has also proven a direct link between the levels of air pollution and rush hour traffic.

The council has written to the Chief Executive of the Public Health Agency, Dr Eddie Rooney, to outline their measurements, modelling and possible solutions to the Dungiven pollution problem.

Dr Rooney, in a reply sent to the council and seen by the Sentinel, said that the level of pollution “poses a potential health risk for people living and working in that area particularly vulnerable groups such as the very young, older people and people with severe respiratory conditions.”

Transport Minister Danny Kennedy is expected to make an announcement on the future of the A6 Roads Scheme from Londonderry to Dungiven in the near future. It is hotly anticipated.

via Dungiven air pollution now proven – Londonderry Sentinel.

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