Inversion causes poor air quality in Treasure Valley

The inversion is causing some air quality issues in the Treasure Valley and it’s not expected to move out for a few days.

Air quality experts are recommending that certain groups limit their time outdoors.”No wind, no moisture, just kind of sitting here in that stagnant funk,” said Michael Toole, regional airshed coordinator for The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

DEQ has issued an orange air quality alert. That means the elderly, children, and people with pre-existing heart or respiratory conditions should spend limited time outside.

“The air quality is deteriorating a little more. The pollution is a little higher,” said Toole. “Limit your outdoor activity as much as possible. Limit the exposure, especially those sensitive groups.”The inversion acts like a cap, trapping pollution in the valley. But if you want to breathe some fresh air, you have at least one option.

KTVB found some people heading up Bogus Basin Road to check out the inversion from above.”It’s really pretty,” said Bethany Barndollar who’s visiting Idaho from California.

She was headed to check out conditions at Bogus Basin when she decided to pull over and snap some pictures of the inversion.”You can see how it just settles right over the city like that,” she added.

Meanwhile, DEQ officials are reminding people in the Treasure Valley to be safe as the inversion continues.”It looks like we’re pretty socked in right now. It’s strengthened significantly and we’re going to be in the orange for the next few days,” said Toole.

The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality will be keeping an eye on conditions as this inversion continues.A burn ban is in effect for the Treasure Valley because of the poor air quality. Experts also recommend limiting your driving, if you can, to reduce air pollution.

via Inversion causes poor air quality in Treasure Valley.

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