During heat waves, urban trees can increase ground-level ozone 

Planting trees is a popular strategy to help make cities “greener,” both literally and figuratively. But scientists have found a counterintuitive effect of urban vegetation: During heat waves, it can increase air pollution levels and the formation of ozone. Their study appears in ACS’ journal Environmental Science & Technology.

Previous research has shown that planting trees in cities can have multiple benefits, including storing carbon, controlling storm water and cooling areas off by providing shade. This has spurred efforts in cities across the U.S. and Europe to encourage the practice. However, it’s also known that trees and other plants release volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, that can interact with other substances and contribute to air pollution. And when it’s hot, plants release higher levels of VOCs. Galina Churkina and colleagues wanted to investigate what effects heat waves and urban vegetation might have on air pollution.

The researchers compared computer models of air pollutant concentrations in the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan area in Germany in the summer of 2006, when there was a heat wave, and the summer of 2014, which had more typical seasonal temperatures. The simulation showed that during the summer of 2006, VOCs from urban greenery contributed to about 6 to 20 percent of the ozone formation, and that during the heat wave period, the contribution spiked to up to 60 percent. The researchers suggest that in addition to tree-planting campaigns, efforts to improve cities’ environments should include other measures such as reducing vehicular traffic, a major source of nitrogen oxides that can react with VOCs and form ozone.

Source: During heat waves, urban trees can increase ground-level ozone — ScienceDaily

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1 Response to During heat waves, urban trees can increase ground-level ozone 

  1. grsaaduddin says:

    This is just an attempt to hide and redirect our attention to prevent discovery of the true problem which is geoengineering fallout. We are being gassed daily. In the haze falling on us is that constant smell of chlorine and ones clothes have that strong “fresh” outdoor smell (ozone?). Meanwhile most industries have scrubbers and our cars have catalytic converters. Even semi trailers and buses are using alternate fuels. True air pollution is at an all time low, but still Southern CA has the worst air in the country these days. This is all a fraud upon the American people and all others who must endure the pseudoscience which is geoengineering.
    The idiot geoengineers have even suggested that forests be cut to increase the earth’s albedo. Of course, the aluminum in the fallout is killing the trees, and this is actually coming to pass. They are killing the earth.

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