Delhi air pollution study: Forget peak hour, now Nitrogen oxide level spikes to unacceptable levels throughout the day 

The concept of travelling in non-peak hour is slowly disappearing as Delhi faces rush hour between 8 am-8 pm, every day and it is only getting worse day by day. A study by the Centre for Science and Environment for the month of June has shown there is virtually no difference in travel time between peak and non-peak hours. During the peak hour with lower traffic speed, the level Nitrogen oxide emitted by the vehicles increase by 38 per cent, according to a report by Indian Express.

The study was conducted through Google maps on 13 connecting roads with more than 60,000 passenger car units per day on an hourly basis for one month, the report said.
Using Central Pollution Control Board’s real-time monitoring data in four stations, the study found that when the average speed reduces to 25km/hr the NO2 level increases to 94 microgramme/cubic metre from 68 microgramme/cubic metre in the morning when the average speed 28km/hr is present, the IE report said. The report presented the grim picture of traffic in the national capital and warned off even worse situation during the winter when temperature inversion happens during evenings.

The CSE Director Anumita Roychowdhury has said to the newspaper that if the action is not taken immediately, Delhi will merely run to a standstill. Raising concerns she also pointed out that the number of cars in the city will only increase as prices drop after the implementation of Goods and service tax, the IE report said. Roychowdhury said the consequence is inevitable as in 2017 unrestrained vehicle numbers have crossed the 10 million-mark.

Source: Delhi air pollution study: Forget peak hour, now Nitrogen oxide level spikes to unacceptable levels throughout the day – The Financial Express

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