Air pollution kills 2,120 people in Albania in 2016: report 

Some 2,120 people died in Albania in 2016 as a result of deterioration of air pollution, a report on the Quality of Air in Europe for 2016 showed Monday.

According to this report, the air pollution here has deteriorated, causing a significant number of deaths in Albania.

“In 2013, the number of deaths caused by air pollution in Albania was 776, while only three years later, this figure has almost doubled,” the report cited.

The report says that in general, air pollution in Western Balkan countries is a big problem, also due to energy policies.

Meanwhile, the latest statistics from the World Economic Forum listed Albania in the first five countries that are most vulnerable to pollution.

According to these statistics, the mortality rate of Albania in terms of air pollution per 100,000 inhabitants is 171.4, that is, approximately 5,000 Albanian citizens per year risk to face death from this cause.

Source: Air pollution kills 2,120 people in Albania in 2016: report – Xinhua |

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