Hard-hitting air pollution posters to go on display on London’s Tube network 

A hard-hitting poster campaign highlighting the health risks posed by London’s dangerous air pollution levels is to go on display across the Tube network.

Posters featuring stomach-churning images of everyday objects covered in black soot will be plastered across the capital’s train and London Underground stations from early November.

The campaign is being launched by London Mayor Sadiq Khan who has made it his aim to clean up the city’s air quality.

One of the posters shows a baby’s bottle, with the teat coated in black dust with the slogan: “If you could see London’s air, you’d want to clean it too.”

The other images show a toddler’s cup, a pint of beer and a coffee dusted with soot.

City Hall said the campaign is designed to be honest with Londoners about the scale of the pollution problem and provide them with the information they need on air quality.


The images began to appear on social media on Wednesday ahead of the introduction of the T-charge next week where older, more polluting vehicles will have to pay to enter central London.

The £10 Emissions Surcharge, which comes into effect, on Monday will mean drivers of vehicles that do not meet the minimum emission standards will have to pay extra on top of the Congestion Charge, which is already in place.

The Mayor, who has pledged to tackle air quality since taking office in 2015, faced criticism last week after it emerged that every borough in London exceeds World Health Organisation limits for PM2.5 – toxic air particles.

Green campaigners called on him to do more to deal with the problem after the report revealed the shocking reality that all Londoners are exposed to the tiny particles – which can cause respiratory and cardiovascular diseases and cancer – every day.

On the launch of the poster campaign, Mr Khan said: “London’s air is a killer and is linked to asthma, strokes, heart disease and dementia.

“I’m committed to doing all I can to cut pollution and help Londoners protect themselves from the harm it causes.

“These arresting images are designed to show Londoners how serious a threat air pollution is to their health, and explain the range of measures I’ve brought in and am working to introduce to make our air safer.

“The next stage will be the introduction of the £10 T-charge on Monday, which will help remove the oldest, most pollution vehicles from the heart of the capital.

“I refuse to be a Mayor who ignores this and I am determined to take effective action to reduce the harm it does to Londoners.”

The campaign appeared on social media from October 18 and will be across the TfL network from November 3.

Source: Hard-hitting air pollution posters to go on display on London’s Tube network | London Evening Standard

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