On Tuesday the Minister of State in the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Mahesh Sharma, expressed concern over the alarming levels of pollution in the national capital region and said the government was taking preventive measures to tackle it.

Sharma told, “It is a matter of concern as the pollution is at an alarming level in Delhi. The Government is concerned about it and is monitoring it continuously. Preventive measures are being taken. This is because of the change in weather from four directions yesterday.”

He further said the government had advised water sprinkling particularly at construction sites.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia called upon the Centre for its intervention to tackle the pollution menace.

“Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had written letters to the Central Government in August seeking its intervention. He wrote that this problem would again prevail in November. But the Centre didn’t respond. We are requesting the Central Government to take some action. The reason for smog is the burning of stubble in Haryana and Punjab. Until the Central Government does not make policies together with Delhi, nothing will happen in Haryana and Punjab,” he told the media.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, describing the city as a “gas chamber”, attributed the pollution to crop burning in adjoining states.

“Delhi has become a gas chamber. Every year this happens during this part of year. We have to find a soln to crop burning in adjoining states,” Kejriwal tweeted today.

The national capital on Tuesday woke up to ‘severe’ air quality due to a thick blanket of smog.

The rapid fall in air quality and visibility began last evening as moisture combined with pollutants shrouded the city in a thick cover of haze.

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) by 10 a.m. recorded ‘severe’ air quality, meaning the intensity of pollution was extreme.

A ‘severe’ Air Quality Index comes with the warning that air affects healthy people and seriously impacts those with existing respiratory or cardiovascular diseases.


via Delhi air pollution is at an alarming level – Eastern Eye

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