Expansion of Odd-Even Policy Reduces Air Pollution in Jakarta


Head of Jakarta Environment Department Isnawa Adji claimed the air quality in Jakarta has improved after the expansion of odd-even policy since July 2.

“In general, all parameters of air quality in Jakarta are still below the quality standard. But with this odd-even policy, the pollutants sourced from motor vehicles are decreasing,” Isnawa said in a written statement on Wednesday, July 11.

The decreasing pollutant levels in Jakarta during the expansion of odd-even policy are the gas concentration of CO, NO, and HC.

Isnawa’s claim is based on the results of air quality monitoring at several air stations at a number of points. As in DKI 1 Station Hotel Indonesia roundabout, the CO concentration was at 1.7 percent, the NO decreased by 14.7 percent, and the HC decreased by 1.37 percent.

In addition, at DKI 2 Station Kelapa Gading, there has been a decrease of CO concentration of 1.15 percent, NO concentration decreased 7.03 percent, and NO2 decreased by 2.01 percent. Meanwhile, at DKI 4 Station Lubang Buaya, CO concentration decreased by 1.12 percent and the NO decreased by 7.46 percent.

However, the air quality parameters of PM-10 or the dust air particles smaller than 10 microns are still quite high. This, Isnawa said, was caused by the development activities of MRT, LRT, and the arrangement of sidewalks on Jalan Sudirman-Thamrin.

“These projects are certain to be completed or suspended during the Asian Games, so it certainly will not be a problem,” Isnawa said.

As of July 2 to July 31, the odd-even policy trials began to be widened to several areas in Jakarta, such as on Jalan Rasuna Said, M.T. Haryono, D.I. Panjaitan, A. Yani, Benyamin Sueb, Gatot Subroto, and Metro Pondok Indah.

The time of the odd-even policy trial starts at 06:00 am to 09:00 pm or 15 hours. For the odd-numbered vehicles can cross on the road on the odd dates only, as well as for the even-numbered vehicles.

via Expansion of Odd-Even Policy Reduces Air Pollution in Jakarta | Metro | Tempo.Co :: Indonesian News Portal

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