Air pollution shuts schools in Tehran

Deputy Tehran provincial governor said on Sunday that due to dangerous air pollution the school in the Iranian capital will be closed on Monday and Tuesday.

The schools have remained closed since yesterday for air pollution. The school week in Iran starts on Saturday and finishes on Wednesday. Thursdays and Fridays are weekends. 

However, the Tehran official said that the classes will continue online from home.

Similar measures have been taken for elementary and secondary schools in Alborz Province located next to Tehran, an official at the Alborz governor’s office said on Sunday.

Air pollution commonly occurs in Tehran, a city of 15 million population, and other large cities in the country when the weather is cold during autumn and winter when there is no wind or rain and temperature inversion happens. 

According to studies results available on the Internet, temperature inversions affect air pollution because they change the dynamics of air movement. Warm air rises in the atmosphere because it is less dense and, therefore, more buoyant than the cooler air above it. 

Air pollution shuts schools in Tehran – Mehr News Agency

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