Air pollution remains the largest environmental health risk in Europe

Most European city dwellers are exposed to unsafe levels of air pollution. Improving air quality to match World Health Organization (WHO)-recommended levels could prevent more than half of premature deaths caused by exposure to fine particulate matter.

Air pollution emissions have declined in the last two decades, resulting in better air quality. Despite this improvement, air pollution remains the largest environmental health risk in Europe. An estimated 275,000 premature deaths are caused by fine particulate matter and 64,000 by nitrogen dioxide (NO2) each year. These pollutants are linked to asthma, heart disease, and stroke.

Air pollution also causes morbidity. People live with diseases related to exposure to air pollution; this is a burden in terms of personal suffering as well as significant costs to the healthcare sector.

Society’s most vulnerable are more susceptible to air pollution impacts. Lower socio-economic groups tend to be exposed to higher levels of air pollution, while older people, children and those with pre-existing health conditions are more susceptible.  

Besides health issues, air pollution can considerably impact Europe’s economy due to increased healthcare costs, reduced life expectancy, and lost working days across sectors.  It also damages vegetation and ecosystems, water and soil quality, and local ecosystems.  

Air pollution

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