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Chinese air pollution data was altered, statistical analysis suggests

Official Chinese air pollution data has previously shown evidence of manipulation when compared with data from US embassies in the same cities. The Chinese government has already taken action against the local officials involved, but now an independent statistical analysis … Continue reading

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Top 10 worst cities for air pollution

With thousands of people dying every year due to poor air quality in these cities, something must be done to alleviate the problem. This week it was reported that almost 9,500 people lose their lives each year in London due … Continue reading

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Guangzhou announces emergency measures to tackle heavy pollution

Guangzhou’s government has rolled out emergency measures for days when air pollution is high. They include taking nearly a third of government and half of private vehicles off the road and forcing factories to reduce emissions of pollutants. Yang Liu, … Continue reading

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China to release pollution data in 74 cities

Air pollution is a serious concern in many of China’s cities, but the authorities have obfuscated or manipulated pollution data for years. However, the Chinese state media said on Sunday that 496 monitoring stations would release data in real time … Continue reading

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