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International travelers experience the harmful effects of air pollution

Even a short stay for travelers in cities with high levels of air pollution leads to breathing problems that can take at least a week from which to recover, a new study shows. Led by researchers at NYU School of … Continue reading

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Chinese cities deal with extreme smog, haze

The smog and haze issue in China has been a problem for many years, and recently it has become a severe problem. It has the potential to ruin a healthy life for millions of civilians. The concept of environmental pollution … Continue reading

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No clearing the air over neighbor’s pollution

Pollutants from China and their resultant problems are nothing new to Japan. Acid rain, principally caused by high levels of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide in industrial pollutants, has been a concern for several decades. While Kyushu and western Japan … Continue reading

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China to release pollution data in 74 cities

Air pollution is a serious concern in many of China’s cities, but the authorities have obfuscated or manipulated pollution data for years. However, the Chinese state media said on Sunday that 496 monitoring stations would release data in real time … Continue reading

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