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Wildfire smoke reaches Michigan; North State air hazardous to breathe

Smoke from wildfires in the western United States has spread east, raising pollution levels as far as the Great Lakes region, according to the National Weather Service. In California’s North State, pollution levels are unhealthy to very unhealthy, and the … Continue reading

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More than half a million Americans exposed to toxic air pollution face cancer risks above EPA guidelines

Neighbors used to barely notice the drab, low-slung industrial building across the river from downtown. The corporate name on the sign out front had changed a few times over the years. Truck traffic in and out of the loading docks … Continue reading

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Smog and pollen: Double-whammy for 127 million Americans

About 40% Americans live in counties where a “double whammy” of unhealthy levels of smog and ragweed pollen — both tied to climate change — combine to threaten respiratory health, a Natural Resources Defense Council report released Tuesday finds. “Today, 127 million Americans live … Continue reading

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Michigan cities graded on air pollution

The American Lung Association just released its annual report card on air quality, State of the Air. Detroit and Grand Rapids made the list of most polluted cities for their ozone levels (Detroit ranks 34th worst out of 220 cities; … Continue reading

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Air quality alert in effect for Ann Arbor area

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality issued an air quality alert for the Ann Arbor area for Saturday.This is the fourth alert this year. There also was an alert Friday. The department declared Saturday an action day for elevated levels … Continue reading

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