Respro® Masks FAQ: What’s the difference between N95 and P1 mask standards?

Basically we place this disclaimer on the product to ensure that people do not start using them in workplace environments. The mask has been tested to EN149 FFP1 status which is the equivalent of N95.

N99/ 97/95 is a certification process for disposable respirators for dust for use in Industrial applications. The testing process is carried out by Niosh Accredited testing houses which provide certificates of approval.

We have masks that have equivalent European ratings, The EV range are rated P1 (N95) P2 (N97) P3 (N99).

Our Neoprene products are primarily used in non-industrial sectors; motorcycle, cycle markets. However we feel that it is important for our products to conform to industrial standards as a measure of effectiveness when marketing to the general public.

EN149 is a homologated European standard applicable for the use of facemasks in the workplace for the filtration of dusts and water soluble aqueous mists. The test protocol used is primarily based on the masks ability to filter a given percentage of particulate material by means of seal and filter media.

Our Sportsta™ and Techno™, Allergy™ and FB-1™ masks are manufactured within the technical specification for EN149FFP1 for solid and liquid aerosols (ie mists).

To find answers to any other questions, see Respro® Mask FAQ

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Respro® Masks: Cycle masks, motorcycle masks and allergy masks. External wear for internal protection.
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