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Colorado, Arizona, Indonesia: Wildfires and Air Quality Concerns

Recent wildfires in Indonesia and the USA have been making the headlines – how will these deadly and destructive blazes affect us? In Colorado, a series of fires have been blazing across the state since June 10th resulting in deaths, … Continue reading

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Traffic air pollution turns good cholesterol bad

Exposure to diesel exhaust may render friendly, cholesterol-fighting molecules incapable of performing their important job. A new study suggests that the traffic air pollutant may prevent good cholesterol from battling the bad, artery-clogging cholesterol that promotes heart attack and stroke. … Continue reading

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UC Davis study says it found source of air pollutants

Researchers at University of California Davis have established, for the first time, a link between toxic substances that pollute the air and what causes them. The research, announced Monday by the California Air Resources Board and the Electric Power Research … Continue reading

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