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No Breathing Easy for City Dwellers: Nitrogen Dioxide

NASA-funded scientists have, for the first time, connected health outcomes in cities around the world to satellite and ground-based data on air pollution. The researchers concluded that despite improvements in some parts of the world and for certain pollutants, air … Continue reading

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Satellite images reveal toxic clouds enveloping northern Iraq

As Iraqi forces fight to retake Mosul from the so-called Islamic State (ISIS), clouds of toxic fumes are spreading across northern Iraq. The acrid smoke, which is so significant it is visible from space, is threatening to harm Iraqis’ health … Continue reading

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NASA’s Satellite Photos Of Rio Show Something Troubling In The Air 

Rio’s Olympic Games are in full force as 10,000 athletes from around the world traveled to the Brazilian city last week to compete, and the games are certainly off to a strong start for some. However, just days before the … Continue reading

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NASA scientists track air pollution from space 

It’s possible to track air pollution from space. NASA scientists did that with high-resolution satellite maps. To gather the data, they used an ozone monitoring instrument on board NASA’s Aura satellite. That tool tracks atmospheric gasses. The team of NASA … Continue reading

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Three Surprising Parts of the World Where Air Pollution Decreased

Thanks to a super-sensitive new tool, NASA can now see exactly where air pollution is increasing and decreasing–down to the level of neighborhoods–and in some cases, the results are surprising. In 2004, NASA launched its Aura satellite, a research craft … Continue reading

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Epic Sandstorm Suffocates Middle East

For the third day in a row, the Middle East awoke Wednesday to the wind whipping and sand flying. And it’s only getting worse. A massive dust belt is moving from the Sahara Desert all the way up to Turkey, … Continue reading

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Watch Asia’s air pollution spread across the globe

One problem with air pollution is it doesn’t stay put. Rather, particles in the air—also known as aerosols—move around the atmosphere, affecting the global climate in complex ways, and perhaps strengthening storms and cyclones. Here’s a video produced by NASA’s Goddard Space … Continue reading

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NASA to Perform Air Quality Research Study

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA is launching the latest study in a project spanning four North American cities analyzing factors that lead to unhealthy air quality conditions. NASA’s latest study will bring a King Air research aircraft and … Continue reading

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